Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kebaya cares tips

more and more popular by various circles, kebaya as traditional clothing.

For kebaya still well maintained there are a few tips for the treatment of kebaya according to Marga Alam one of Indonesian Kebaya designer is as follows:

1. Kebaya not always be washed after use, can be used 2-3 times. Kebaya aerated enough alone.
2. If it's going to be washed, it's good to note the material. We recommend using a dry clean in your washing machine. Why dry clean? Because the option is safe for all types of kebaya material, so as not to damage the original texture.
3. Do not hang kebaya which has been washed in the hot sun. sunbathe kebaya in a cool place, for the color of the kebaya not quickly fade.
4. Do not spray perfume directly into the kebaya. It also will damage the texture color to the kebaya. Better to use perfume before you wear the kebaya.
5. It is stored is also very simple. Self-folded and not hung, especially for the many applications sequins kebaya. Why is that? Because most of the kebaya made ​​from elastic material, if often hanged eat the shoulder will drop due to heavy sequins.

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John Kim said...

never heard of kebaya before, but they are very beautiful looking dresses