Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kebaya for the world by Raden Sirait

Raden Sirait is a designer from Indonesia, which is consistently developing creative Indonesian kebaya with various modifications that are unique. The uniqueness of the design raden Sirait kebaya design lies in the method of making a difference with the existing standard that is cut and paste (cut & paste technique), which later became his trademark. Another advantage lies in a different motive game between the left and right side thus forming an asymmetrical pattern ... imbalance''is a''balance itself is a philosophy that underlies this trait. So, is almost certain that no 2 pieces are created equal kebaya ... where it is certainly a pride for every woman who wore kebaya design Raden Sirait. The combination of a''very bold color and contrast''... and blend colors with a large-scale degradation rates shades ... produces colorful harmony of the universe like that embodied in a kebaya ... also a separate skill from a Raden Sirait ... Kebaya designs Raden Sirait also known as it is used by Putri INDONESIA and MISS INDONESIA and actress in various national and international events like the premiere of MISS WORLD ... ... stage and film festivals and music concerts and movie theater ... ... and more beautiful with the mission of''love''contained in it ... bring the good of Indonesian culture to the world fashion scene to beautify all the citizens of the world who wear it ... so they can feel the happiness in her life ... even if only for a moment ... it can be very mean ...

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